Joseph H. “Joe” Werner

Joe Werner

Joe answers questions from the crowd at a recent book signing for Skid Row

Joe and Amy in San Francisco

Media QUestions?

Joe Werner answers the top 3 most asked questions from book reviewers:

Q:    What made you decide to become a writer in your 70s?

A:    My grandchildren loved for me to tell them stories about growing up in the depression because I always talked about the colorful people my father employed at his tinsmith shop. One day they came to me and said they wanted me to write my stories down. I got the idea to do it in the form of an autobiography of sorts and give it to them as Christmas presents.

Q:    How did a customized family gift turn into two books and a desire to write fiction?

A:    Someone saw a copy of the book at my son’s house and said it looked interesting and he borrowed it to read and liked it so much, he gave it to a friend to read and then next thing I know, I had friends calling me asking me how they could buy a copy. One fell into the hands of a manager at the top Memphis indy book store and they called me for a book signing. After that, I had so many people asking me what happened to all the people in my book that I decided to write the next chapter so to speak, but this time, I fictionalized it.

Q:    So there is a third book in the works?

A:    Funny you should ask. Yes, indeed and I am working on it now.

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